Shooting Assignments 7, 8, &9 - Due February 25

B) Distorted Perspective Close-Up (see pp.36-37)
Take some pictures of objects, people, or animals where you deliberately create some strange perspective effects (like the feet on p.37 or like Maddie's Mountain Dew can). Push it as far as you can, try to get some weird distortions. This may require shooting from some unusual angles. Take as many as you can and add the best 3 or so to our Flickr group.
Complete a Self-Evaluation form for the Distortion/Perspective

C) Depth-of-Field (read page 40, and 42-45)
Try shooting some pictures where you deliberately have a narrow depth-of-field, where your main subject is clear and your background and/or foreground are blurry. This may be tricky with automatic cameras, so keep at it. Because this may take some practice, these won't be due until Monday, Feb. 28.
Complete a Self-Evaluation form for your Depth-of-Field picture

D) Macro (Read pp. 38-39 & 48-49)
Search your camera's settings for a macro or super-macro settings, usually it's an icon of a tulip. Try shooting as many macro close-ups as you can, and add your best 3 or 4 to our Flikr group by Fri 2/25. These will probably end up taking care of a few of your DOF pictures too! Since the more you take, the better you'll get, you may want to keep shooting macro all year- the flowers will finally come out in April. Therefore the ones you take for this assignment may not end up being the ones you include in your final portfolio.
Complete a Self-Evaluation form for a Macro photo

Shooting Assignment 5. -Due Monday, February 7

ABSTRACT/PATTERN- This one should be easier to take care of, considering the weather than the action/sports pictures. You should be able to take these inside or outside. All you really need it to be creative. I'd like you to look for a tight composition through your viewfinder, so that it's hard to tell what the big-picture would've been. In other words, I want you to focus on patterns or the shapes of colors or shadows. It should turn out pretty abstract. This gallery may give you some ideas. Expect another message soon with a link to my set of abstract/pattern images.

Shooting Assignment 4. - Due Monday, February 7

ACTION/SPORTS Shoot as many action or sports pictures that you can. Running, jumping, sledding, gymnastics whatever. Upload at least 10-15 to your Flickr stream and choose the best 3 or 4 to add to our class Flickr group. Be sure to comment on some of your classmate's pictures. You will fill out a self-evaluation rubric on the very best one.

Shooting Assignment 3.

Take some pictures of winter! Snow, ice, radiators- whatever you think of as representing January. I took all of mine outside (you can see them at groups/bvdigphoto ). Maddie had a great one a couple of weeks ago that she shared with me on facebook.

Shooting Assignment 2

WHO ARE YOU? You are the cheapest model you'll ever hire! Everybody's always taking pictures of themselves on facebook. Can you do it without having your arm in the picture? Could you use a mirror? How about the self-timer on you camera? Take a series of pictures of yourself, but try to be original and creative and try to express something about yourself. Take between 5 and 20, delete the worst ones, upload the best 3-10 to your new Flickr stream and then take the best 2-3 and add them to our Class Group- I already have mine there (you can see them at groups/bvdigphoto ).

Shooting Assignment 1.

Pay particular attention to pages 6-11, then shoot a variety of different pictures this week. Take some pictures with close subjects and some further away, indoors and out, in the shade and in the sun. Shoot a variety of subjects, portrait, landscape, and action scenes. Page 9 will have some ideas. Take at least 5-10 pictures. In some ways these pictures will serve as another pre-test, to gauge your skill levels.