Here's some great ideas for challenging yourself. Why not try some? You might end up with something for your portfolio or something for extra-credit. And after all, practice makes perfect. Just like in sports or playing an instrument- the more you shoot, the better you'll get!
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  • Skylum at WPPI with Luminar and Aurora 2018 Today 6:32 am
    Macphun has changed its name. Welcome, Skylum! The same great products, both stand-alone and plugins formerly only for Mac are now for Windows, too. If you are coming to WPPI be sure to visit the Skylum booth in the Expo to meet Photofocus au...
  • Photographer of the Day: Bernd Weller Yesterday
    Category: Travel Photographer:  Bernd Weller – “Gate Crashers“ Perfectly framed to make us want to head through the gate to see what beauty awaits us. (Please click on the link above to see the full image.) I love ...
  • Creativity in Motion Yesterday
    (Editor’s note: This guest post is from Adobe Stock Video expert Dennis Radeke. The photograph above was created with Adobe Stock.) Last year, we launched a brand new content type on Adobe Stock: Motion Graphics templates. These templates, m...

These guys are always trying to come up with new ways to challenge or encourage photographers

    This is a fun blog to follow if you're interested in seeing how photographers see
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      If you had any doubts as to how well this year will turn out, rest assured because it’s the year of man’s most lovable furry […]
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      No matter who you are holding tonight… Or who will have the pleasure of planting a delicate kiss upon your cheek… We hope your Valentine’s […]