Here's some great ideas for challenging yourself. Why not try some? You might end up with something for your portfolio or something for extra-credit. And after all, practice makes perfect. Just like in sports or playing an instrument- the more you shoot, the better you'll get!
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  • Photographer of the Day: Don Komarechka Yesterday
    Category: Wildlife Photographer: Don Komarechka “Lady in Green” Every time I go through the Photofocus Flickr group I’m blown away by Don’s work, and his images inspire me to take a closer look at all the little things...
  • Portrait Tips: A Layered Workflow for Retouching Yesterday
    Retouching the portraits you make can be a lot of fun, and it can be a lot of frustration. I realize that I’ve retouched thousands of portraits and one thing that makes it more fun than frustration is simply the way you go about it — t...
  • Beyond Technique Podcast with Bob Coates | Photofocus Podcast June 20, 2018 Yesterday
    Get the show here or get it on iTunes — Please, post a review on iTunes. Welcome to Beyond Technique, a podcast empowering photographers to bring their businesses to the next level!   We discuss in detail: How being diverse in your phot...

These guys are always trying to come up with new ways to challenge or encourage photographers

    This is a fun blog to follow if you're interested in seeing how photographers see
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    • Happy Sally Ride Day! May 26, 2018
      You may not be familiar with this holiday, but today we celebrate the first American woman astronaut: Sally Ride. Sally’s favorite subject in school was […]
    • Flickr Friday – Sign of the Times May 25, 2018
      This was definitely an interesting challenge. We were overloaded with submissions! There were so many different interpretations of what the #SignOfTheTimes could physically represent… a […]
    • Ocean Motion Photography May 23, 2018
      Enric’s obsession with the sea has always been present. Though his job as a motionographer, focusing on the art of motion design, has taken him […]