Giving Each Other Feedback

Hand-out about Commenting on each other's pictures.
We will work in class on Thursday, Feb 23 on this.

Shooting Assignments

These pictures are all due March 2, 2012

Not what it seems
Check out pictures that look like something other than what they are on flickr

Really Saying Something
Visit these flicker galleries of images where the photographers are trying to express something:
Saying Something Part One-
Saying Something Part Two-

Try some banked-shots
Mirrors and Reflections, gallery I-
Mirrors and Reflections, gallery II-

Give this a Try
Feeling experimental?
Look for ideas in the "Try This" gallery-
Maybe you'll be inspired by something in the "You Gotta SEE This" gallery-


MEANING; Chapt.9 'Seeing Like a camera'

If you don't get anything else from this class, I want you to be able to interpret meaning in other people's photos, and to be able to express meaning in your own. Before you go on to the analyzing and shooting assignments, please be sure you know what it means to invoke, evoke, and provoke; to help you, read this-

Analyze This

Take another look at some of the images in our text book and consider the meaning/expressive content in each of them. How does the photo make you feel? How do the people in the photo look like they must feel? What do you think the photographer is trying to say? What does this image say to you? What is it really about?
  • p.29 Susan Degres "The Observer and the Observed #1"
  • p.33 Henri Cartier-Bressen "Greece"
  • p.43 Marc PoKempner "Rev. Ike"
  • p. 46 Walter Looss "Ali vs. Terrell"
  • p.67 Paul D'Amato "Isela"
  • p.79 Jerome Liebling "Miami Beach"
  • p.101 Susan Meisela "Young Gawker"
  • p.131 Kenneth Josephson "Chicago"
  • p. 149 Loretta Lux "The Fish"
  • p.173 Dan Burkholder "Turtle in Church"
  • p. 180 Mark PoKempner "Down at Theresa's"
  • p.181 Santiago Harker "Norte de Santander"
  • p. 188 Jim Stone "Samm Running the Swings"
  • p.191 Larry Fink "Man Drinking"
  • p.192 Edward Weston "Pepper"
  • p.193 Warren Padula "Mouth"
  • p.197 Annie Lebovitz "Steve Martin"
  • p. 201 Walker Evens "Graveyard and Steel Mill"

Pick either two of these photos, or one of these and one from the "Saying Something" Flicker Galleries below for your last two Picture of the Week analysis papers. Pay special attention to what the story could be beyond the obvious picture on the surface. Concentrate on what mood the picture invokes, what associations it evokes and what questions it provokes.

Shooting Assignments

  • Something Else- Shooting a picture of something that looks like something else, in other words, make one image an analogy for something other than what it is. Look at the pictures on page 93 in the book, or the "Things that look like something else Flickr gallery below to give you some ideas.
  • Tell a Story- Try taking a picture that deliberately tells a story, reveals a secret, or otherwise invokes, evokes, or provokes. Consider any of the pictures you reviewed in out textbook, or look through the "Saying Something" Flickr galleries for some ideas.
  • Mirror Shot- Simple, easy, fun: Shoot someone/something reflected in a mirror/window/water. Check out examples either in Mr. Mallory's Flickr set, or the gallery below.

    Like the Final, Ch. 9 Quiz, and Photo Analyses; these three pictures need to be uploaded to Flickr and included in the Class Group by or before 5/13 for Lucas and 5/19 for the Ladies.

Check out these great galleries full of powerfully expressive images

Chapt. 9 Vocab Terms

  • Balance
  • Contrast
  • Depth
  • Depth of field
  • Frame
  • Framing
  • Line
  • Meaning
  • Motion
  • Panning
  • Perspective
  • Texture
  • Time
  • Tone
  • Viewpoint