Read pp. 1-19 in our textbook (London & Stone). Be sure to explore this wiki a little, try to figure out for yourself how to use it and where to find things. Explore your text book too and try to get comfortable with it tool. The Troubleshooting section (p.205 & ff) and the Glossary will both be very helpful. Feel free to talk to me in person, by email or on facebook if/when you have ANY questions about anything you're reading or doing.

Shooting Assignments

1) POTPOURRI- Pay particular attention to pages 6-11, then shoot a variety of different pictures this week. Take some pictures with close subjects and some further away, indoors and out, in the shade and in the sun. Shoot a variety of subjects, portrait, landscape, and action scenes. Page 9 will have some ideas. Take at least 5-10 pictures. In some ways these pictures will serve as another pre-test, to gauge your skill levels. This is optional, but a good recommendation would be to keep notes on what you take; time of day, camera settings, etc.

2) SELF PORTRAIT- WHO ARE YOU? You are the cheapest model you'll ever hire! Everybody's always taking pictures of themselves on facebook. Can you do it without having your arm in the picture? Could you use a mirror? How about the self-timer on you camera? Take a series of pictures of yourself, but try to be original and creative and try to express something about yourself. Want examples? Here some of mine.

Please add your images to our Flickr group
Please post comments on each other's photos in the Class Flickr Group.

Vocabulary Chapter 1A Study Guide

Terms to study for the first half of chapter 1:
  • Viewfinder
  • Lens
  • Aperture
  • Shutter
  • Shutter Speed
  • Aperture size
  • Automatic Focusing (page 6, this may be the MOST important thing you can learn about photography)
  • Exposure
  • Memory card
  • Image Sensor
  • CCD
  • ISO
  • Jog dial
  • Exposure modes
  • SLR camera
  • Point-and-shoot camera
  • Prosumer
  • Fully Automatic Exposure
  • Shutter-Priority Mode
  • Aperture-Priority Mode
  • Manual Exposure

Please also also study page 19 and be prepared to label the parts of a camera. If this feels a little overwhelming- don't panic. No other chapter will have as many vocabulary words to learn. I'm splitting it in half, 1-16 are the fundamentals and 20-27 have to do with controlling exposure, which is the biggest technical aspect of photography which you will learn.


CHAPT 1 PART A; Turn this quiz into me over pp. 1-17

CAMERA PARTS; Then, the parts of the camera (p.19) quiz
Click here to take the Camera Parts Quiz online

CHAPT 1 PART B; There will be a full Chapter 1 quiz (including pp. 20-27)
Click here to take the Chapter 1 Part B Quiz online This will be over Exposure, Shutter Speed and Aperture

Don't forget you can take practice quizzes at the online textbook (use link on the left-hand menu).